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Oticon Alta Pro

Oticon’s finest hearing aid portfolio
Oticon Alta Pro
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  • Full hearing test and examination
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  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
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Key Features

  • The premium product range from Oticon
  • Wide selection of product formats
  • Powered by new Inium chip platform
  • 10 channel sound processing
  • Multiple algorithm suite
  • Nano-coating of key components


The Oticon Alta Pro was launched in February 2013 with the tagline from Danish manufacturer Oticon of “Oticon’s finest hearing aid ever” – well that’s a clear positioning statement! So what does the Alta Pro provide to take Oticon’s very worthy but historic portfolio to a new level?

Inside the Alta Pro is a 10 channel processor using their new Inium Chip Platform which allows faster processing of more complex algorithms using less power, so an all around winner. 10 channels is not ground breaking and there are some systems available form other manufacturers claiming twice this but it is certainly sufficient to shape the output close to your requirements and in conjunction with some interesting algorithms should provide a very high quality sound experience.

Oticon do not specifically rank the relevance or importance of their algorithms but top of their list of “core technologies” for the Alta Pro is Speech Guard E. This is a flexible algorithm that reacts according to the environmental changes around it. In a static environment it will be slow allowing the brain a consistent level of sound to acclimatise to yet if there was to be a sudden change in noise it will rapidly quash this to produce a consistent comfortable sound.

There are two algorithms concerned with Spatial awareness and Directionality both of which are key to maintain your orientation as well as being able to focus on speech, particularly in noise. It is the combination of powerful and complex operations such as these that will blend to deliver the most natural and comfortable sound possible.

Oticon has been mindful of the real world when specifying the Alta Pro and while this has been www.loped in the lab all key components have been nano coated to provide maximum protection against dirt, dust and moisture ingress. Hearing aids have to operate in some hostile environments for electronics and having invested a great deal of money in high tech solutions, consumers have a right to expect them to last and be fit for purpose. Oticon have shown great attention to detail in ensure that the high tech package is protected and use T-Caps, Pro Wax and O-Cap to ensure that the ports where moisture can ingress are resistant to damage and degradation. It may not make the finest sales pitch but this is the real world that you live in and your hearing aid must combine technology with robust performance.
The Alta Pro comes in a variety of different product formats with four in the ear www.ces and a selection of behind the ears, including a receiver in the canal system. There is also a comprehensive colour palette so having taken advice on which format is best for you, one can either be bold or bashful with your www.ce’s appearance.

It will be no surprise to learn that a premium product such as the Alta Pro is fully wireless enabled and will pair with compatible systems to enable discrete and easy listening to today’s Bluetooth www.ces.

Oticon refer to the Alta Pro as their finest and elsewhere as a “hearing game-changer”, and while we are always mindful of marketing hyperbole there is no doubt that this is a very high quality hearing system from one of the world’s foremost manufacturers.

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