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Oticon Intiga 10

Top of the range Intiga from Danish manufacturer Oticon.
Oticon Intiga 10
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  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
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  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
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Key Features

  • Award winning design
  • Extreme discretion with 10i model
  • Wireless enabled hearing aids
  • Multiple sound processing algorithms
  • Ten channel chip platform
  • Extended bandwidth up to 10kHz


The Intiga was launched in September 2011 by the Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon. There are three families of Intiga headed by the top of the range 10 and 10i, the mid sector 8 and 8i with the entry level Intiga 6. The “i” available in both the 10 and 8 technology tiers refers to an IIC or an invisible in the canal product which is as small as current technology allows. The “i” is not available in the Intiga 6.

In addition to the extremely discreet IIC models, there is the RITE (receiver in the ear) at each of the technology levels. The quirky teardrop design of the RITE challenges the accepted view of BTE (behind the ear) model, which many people associate with the pink plastic banana hanging behind Grandpa’s ear. So discretion or style are available from the Oticon Intiga, and to prove it is not just us that rave about the Intiga it has won both Industrial and Consumer design awards in its native Denmark.

The Intiga 10 is a wireless hearing aid system and when fitted as a pair the products will work together to more closely mimic the functionality of the human ear. It has a total of 18 sound processing algorithms that are categorised under “Family Features” and these will focus on both amplifying the sounds that are required as well as minimising or completely removing unwanted noise. It has a very impressive suite of directionality algorithms and this is proven to be the most important factor in providing benefit to the most difficult listening environment of speech in the presence of noise.

At the heart of the Intiga 10 products is the RISE2 sound processing chip. An evolution of Oticon’s earlier RISE, this second generation chip is faster, has greater capacity and consumes less power than its predecessor enabling all the algorithms to work in real time and produce processed sound without incurring any sensation of delay or sound pumping. The RISE2 is also smaller than the RISE which has enabled the manufacture of the extremely discrete 10i and the award design of the Intiga 10.

The powerful sound processing chip operates across 10 channels and up to a 10kHz bandwidth. This extension to the bandwidth has real advantages in the higher frequency sound processing which is the area that many classic age-related hearing loss sufferers have the most difficulty with.

The Intiga 10 is a good looking aid packed with truly beneficial technology. The 10i is a masterpiece of miniaturisation. Both of these products are valuable strides forward in the hearing aid technology race and worthy of being carefully considered as the right premium choice for you.

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