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Phonak Audeo Q70

Second technology level of the Audeo Q from Phonak.
Phonak Audeo Q70
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  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied

Key Features

  • Powered by Phonak’s Quest chip platform
  • Flexible sixteen channel programming
  • Q312 & Q312T featuring wireless and telecoil
  • New to Audeo range – lacquered housing
  • A choice of 1 – 4 manual programs
  • Full accessory suite from Phonak


It is a trend of modern day hearing aid manufacturers to launch new or upgraded ranges with multiple technology levels and a number of products within each level. This is achieved by incorporating the maximum feature set at the top end and then gradually removing or restricting the features that are available at the lower levels. Often, and the Audeo is typical, the processor at the heart of the product stays the same, so in this case the Quest chip from Phonak powers all the Audeo Q models. The argumentation behind this strategy us that there should be an Audeo Q for most pockets and most hearing losses. In reality it is maximising the manufacturer’s R&D spend. At HearingDirect we will not change the way manufacturers bring products to market but we try to provide the information to the consumer to empower you and enable you to make an informed choice of “Which Audeo is right for me?”

The Audeo Q70 is the second tier and so contains a very impressive suite of sound processing algorithms which when correctly programmed to your loss should provide a very satisfying, natural amplification in a wide variety of listening environments. The Q70 is labelled as “Advanced” by Phonak with only the “Premium” Q90 above it. The Q70 uses 16 channel sound processing which will provide the Hearing Aid Audiologist the ability to very closely match the frequency shape of specific losses. The Quest chip is also very fast so Audeo Q wearers will not experience delay or sound pumping.

The detail behind this advanced processing should not be apparent on a day-to-day basis but will work seamlessly behind the scenes. However, for information and to better understand why it justifies its elevated price tag the Audeo Q70 operates the following algorithms. StereoZoom and Advanced UltraZoom provide a very complex directionality system that with Phonak’s SNR (Speech in Noise Ratio) Boost will be a powerful solution to the biggest problem that the hearing impaired face, namely speech in the presence of background noise.

Further down the algorithm list is “User Preference Learning” so the Audeo Q70 could be classified as a smart hearing aid in that it will learn your choices and preferences, and incorporate those within its sound processing. This feature is not available in the lower tech Audeo Q – only in the Q70 and Q90.

There are then a collection of features that are designed to work in conjunction and improve the incoming sound, such as SoundRecover and SoundFlow. These should not be overtly felt as the intent is top provide a very natural sound in the frequency where the hearing aid user suffers loss and to match the degree of loss to the required amplitude. So while it is comforting to know that there is a high degree of technology whirring away in the background that is exactly how these should perform.

There is also a set of processors that are constructed to take away sound. The trick here is that the removed sound must be the unwanted elements that have often plagued the hearing impaired. The Audeo Q70 has Enhanced WindBlock to nullify the effect of wind on microphones, WhistleBlock to do the same to the screech of feedback and NoiseBlock to combat unwanted degrees of noise.

Within each level of Audeo there are three different products and two are enabled to work in with wireless enabled systems. Phonak have lead the market for many years in remote and wireless technology, so check which household products you have that may be wireless enabled – examples may be mobile phones, television, MP3 players etc., and discuss with the Hearing Aid Audiologist how these can be linked directly to your hearing aids.

In summary, the Audeo Q70 is a feature rich product which should be capable of providing you an excellent solution to most degrees of hearing loss. We have no problem in recommending that you investigate this product’s suitability further.

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