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Phonak Bolero Q70

The second level of Bolero Behind-the-ear hearing aid from Phonak.
Phonak Bolero Q70
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The Bolero is the name that Phonak use to describe their BTE (behind-the-ear) products. It is not a single product as there are four different specifications, varying in size, shape and power. There are the M-312, the M-13, the P and the SP. The M-312 uses the smallest size battery and the range increase in power up to the SP or Super Power Bolero product. One of these products will be suitable for all but the most extreme hearing losses, so you can be confident that there should be a Bolero for you. Your hearing aid audiologist will review the results of your test and be able to recommend which options could provide the best solution.

The second part of the “Bolero Q 70” is the “Q” and this refers to the Phonak chip platform known as the Quest. This chip is faster, more efficient and more powerful than its predecessor which was the “S” or “Spice”. It delivers significant benefits in the algorithms that it can power, as well as improved battery life. Products that use the older platform will have an S in their name so be sure to concentrate on the newer portfolio of Q or Quest based products.

The final part of the “Bolero Q 70” is the “70” and this indicates the level of technology within the product. The 70 is a mid level technology below the premium 90 and above the standard 50. Phonak do go down to a 30 level for some products, which they classify as “essential”. So the Bolero Q 70 is one of a mid technology BTE product range using the Quest chip but what does it deliver?

In short an awful lot! The Q70 is classified as an Advanced product and contains the majority of the features and functionality that can be found in Phonak’s premium range. The feature comparison of the Phonak Quest lists up to 14 separate sound processing algorithms within directionality, sound enhancement and sound clarity. These algorithms will work together and in such a manner that the user will not be aware of them in isolation but should just feel the benefit through a full, natural and comfortable sound experience.

In addition there are a number of features that assist the hearing aid audiologist in programming the Bolero Q 70 in such a way as to deliver the optimal sound to closely match both the hearing aid wearers specific loss and the different environments that they may be exposed to. Underpinning this is the Quest processor which in this product range is in a 16 channel guise.

Finally the Bolero Q 70 has the ability to link wirelessly to compatible systems so through Phonak’s accessory range it is possible to experience the benefits of Bluetooth communication in complete discretion. An incredible palette of colours will allow you to either blend your product with your hair colour or shout about it using garish pinks and purples!

The Bolero Q 70 is a great hearing aid from a world leading Swiss manufacturer. We have no problem in suggesting that you investigate this further and would recommend that you arrange for further information from a qualified hearing aid audiologist.

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