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Phonak Bolero Q90

The highest technology Bolero In-the-ear hearing aid from Phonak
Phonak Virto
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  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied

Key Features

  • Suitable for a wide range of hearing loss
  • Choice of 15 different colours
  • Advanced sound processing
  • Phonak’s Quest chip platform
  • 20 channel sound processing
  • Up to five manual programmes


In October 2012, Phonak, the Swiss hearing aid manufacturer launched a number of products based upon their Quest sound processing chip. They segmented the products into four primary product brands being the Bolero, the Audeo, the Virto and the Naida, all of which were marketed at four technology levels indicated by the suffix Q (for Quest) 90, Q70, Q50 and Q30. To add further to consumer choice, the product brands have a number of product formats which in the Bolero’s case are the M-312, the M13, the P and the SP. Phonak certainly extract maximum value from the launch of a new chip platform as when one totals up the options there is a choice of over fifty individual products.

On this page we are looking at the Bolero Q90. Bolero is the name for a behind-the-ear product format, Q the Quest chip and 90 the Premium technology – so this is Phonak’s top end BTE. The Bolero comes in four different specification dictated by the power requirements and battery size – your hearing aid audiologist will be best placed to recommend which is most suitable for you. The Bolero is designed to use Phonak’s thin tune so although it is a BTE one can still achieve a comfortable, open fit and the housing is sleek with a wide variety of colour choice. Over time BTE products invariably prove to be more robust and reliable than their in the ear counterparts so the Bolero would appear to be a wise choice from the outset.

As with the other product brands the Bolero Q90 specification is a bewildering feature dump of Phonak’s most up to date sound processing algorithms. They have tried to rationalise the list into three comprehensible sectors being “Understanding Everything”, “Understanding with comfort” and “Understanding Everywhere”. The algorithms work together to provide the most natural sound possible within the listening environment and eliminate the background noise that is the bane of hearing aid users. We can list the algorithms that fall in to each of these categories and tell you that the Bolero is driven by a 20 channel sound processor but the only way to truly assess whether Phonak have achieved their aim is to use the Bolero Q90 in the real world of noise, background speech, wind and all the sound clutter the Bolero is deigned to minimise without reducing the sounds that you want to hear. We strongly recommend that you do just that and test the Bolero Q90 in your world as we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

The hearing aids of today not only offer very sophisticated amplification of natural sound they can also start to offer “unnatural” ways of linking you to a world of wireless communication. Phonak has been a leader in the field for many years and the Bolero can utilise Phonak’s wireless accessories to either link the two hearing aids to each other or to connect to wireless enabled household www.ces such as the television, phones, mobile phones and MP3 players.

To compliment its modern housing the Bolero is offered in a wide choice of colours ranging from the traditional beige to the eye-catching blues and purples. Hearing aids will never be a fashion accessory but they can be a fashionable accessory that transforms your world and your ability to communicate. The Bolero Q90 is a very strong offering from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer and as such has much to justify further investigation. Challenge your hearing aid audiologist to get the best out of the massive capability of this product and start to enjoy the world around you through the Bolero Q90.

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