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Siemens Intuis

Entry level portfolio from Siemens
Siemens Intuis
Our price

Our price includes

  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied

Key Features

  • Four channel processing
  • Five different product formats
  • Available in different colours and styles
  • Discrete thin tube system BTEs
  • Noise reduction algorithm
  • Feedback cancellation system


As hearing aid technology roars ahead with ever increasing complexity, wireless compatibility and a myriad of options that one could specify, is there still a place for an entry level system? We think that there is and clearly so do the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer, Siemens. The Siemens Intuis is positioned as their entry level product portfolio and priced accordingly.

The nature of hearing loss is often a gradual onset as we get older which results in people on the same progressive pathway of hearing loss acting earlier or later depending upon their choice, their lifestyle and their pocket. Some will wait until their condition is quite severe and having a marked impact upon the way they communicate, while others will choose to act early. For the early adopters there may not be the need to spend a lot of money of highly advanced hearing systems so the Siemens Intuis may just be the boost that they require.

The Intuis is 4 channel system that Siemens manufacture in five different product formats. There are four In-The-Ear (ITE) versions ranging from the very small and discrete Completely-In-The-Canal, through an Mini Canal, a In The Canal and the larger In-The-Ear. One should choose a size that is appropriate for one’s dexterity and while small hearing aids are understandably more discrete and consequently more attractive they are not always the easiest item to handle so take care to select the best for your fingers!

The Siemens Intuis is not loaded with a plethora of sound processing algorithms interacting to produce the highest quality sound in the most complex listening environments but it does have a reasonable Feedback Cancellation and Noise Reduction system, so should be able to provide comfortable listening for the less demanding consumer.

The products themselves look good and will be made to Siemens high quality standards, so one can enjoy an entry level system without compromising on build and design. As a first hearing aid or for use in simple situations the Siemens Intuis may well be right for you. Consider carefully whether you need more than this product portfolio can offer before having to dig deeper into your pocket.

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