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Siemens Micon 5mi

The second tier of Micon technology from Siemens hearing
Siemens Micon
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Key Features

  • Wide choice of products
  • 32 channel processing
  • MiFocus, MiSound and MiGuide algorithms
  • Mid range Micon technology
  • Eight different product formats
  • 12kHz bandwidth


The Siemens Micon was launched towards the end of 2012 and in the first instance was available in two technology levels the 7mi and the 5mi, these were later joined by the entry level 3mi. The Micon was an impressive step forward for the industry with a processor that operated across 48 channels and a bandwidth of up to 12kHz. The absolute dumping ground for all the technology was the top tier Micon 7mi but if we review the capability of the Micon 5mi does it make a worthwhile product to consider?

Well firstly the Micon 5mi is “reduced” to just 32 channels. Let us keep that in the context that at the time of launch other top-rated manufacturer’s premium products were only using up to 20 channels, so one should not feel too disadvantaged in having 32 channels. This should provide your hearing aid audiologist the opportunity to fit the Micon 5mi very closely to your individual loss profile.

The Micon 5mi is available in exactly the same number and style of product formats as the top tier 7mi – a total of five BTE (behind the ear) options and three ITE(in the ear) choices, so there is a more than adequate selection to personalise your product to the style your prefer. Within most of the product formats are specification choices as well as colour palettes, so multiply all that up and we would be surprised if there wasn’t a Micon for you.

The 5mi also shares many of the sound processing algorithms that go into the positioning of the Micon range as “BestSound”. Siemens are keen to stress that with this portfolio they have achieved a balance between amplification and clarity so not only can you hear what you have been missing but more importantly you can understand what you have been missing. This is done with a series of algorithms that are divide into the following areas – MiFocus, MiSound and MiGuide.

MiFocus allows of high resolution of speech focus through the application of directional microphones dependent upon the environment. An intelligent system that will maximise the speech in noise benefit that you derive form your hearing aids.

MiSound is the cleansing of sound by the removal of unwanted noise such as feedback and wind noise. There are also sophisticated noise reduction algorithms that work in conjunction with others that amplify the required higher frequencies. Siemens contest that operating across an extended bandwidth will deliver tangible benefits in your listening experience.

MiGuide is composed of algorithms that help in the set up and early acclimatisation of the Micon, either providing the hearing aid audiologist the information required or automatic, gradual adjustments to your preferred method of use.

This second tier of technology is still a very impressive product portfolio and we would have no problem in recommending the Siemens Micon 5mi as a highly worthy hearing aid for all but the most extreme hearing losses.

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