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Siemens Micon 7mi

The top ranked Micon technology from Siemens hearing
Siemens Micon
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  • Full hearing test and examination
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Key Features

  • Wide choice of products
  • 32 channel processing
  • MiFocus, MiSound and MiGuide algorithms
  • Mid range Micon technology
  • Eight different product formats
  • 12kHz bandwidth


The Siemens Micon was launched in late 2012 at became the top technology from Siemens hearing. It is available in a wide variety of product formats and multiple different technology levels so its broad portfolio should be suitable for all but the most extreme types of hearing loss.

There are five types of BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid:

• Ace Micon – the smallest
• Pure Micon – full functionality RIC (receiver in the canal) aid
• Life Micon – BTE using Siemens Life sound tube system
• Motion Micon – classic BTE
• Aquaris – waterproof BTE

All the above BTE have varying degrees of functionality and suitability for varying lifestyle requirements, so discuss your precise needs to establish which one of the range would be the best fit for you.

In addition to the BTE range, the Siemens Micon is also offered under a selection of ITE (in the ear) formats. These are branded under the Insio label and start with the very small CIC (completely in the canal) and range up to the larger full shell that comes with a full suite of technology. As with the BTE choice it is important to match the product format to your lifestyle and ensure that it will deliver the optimal benefit in the situations where you require the most support.

Having dealt with the external options, what is the Micon 7mi technology all about and what is happening inside the hearing aids that will provide you the result that you need?

The Micon 7mi is powered by a processor that works across an incredible 48 channels, so the hearing aid audiologist will be able to very precisely match your loss. This completely new digital sound processing platform also works up to an extended 12KHz providing maximum bandwidth beyond accepted human hearing perception.

Siemens have wrapped all the sub-algorithms into a single statement with regard to the sound quality and boldly state that the Micon 7mi provides “BestSound Technology” which is aimed to increase Audibility while maintaining Sound Quality. With some very zen like marketing Siemens target the balance of these two factors as the Holy Grail of hearing aid function and benefit delivered by the Micon 7mi. To list the sheer number of processes and algorithms that function within Micon 7mi would simply produce a raft of industry jargon which would not help in one’s understanding. It is easier to say that it is clear that the Micon 7mi is the depository for all that is best from Siemens hearing at its time of launch. On this basis, in the hands of your hearing aid professional whichever product you select, one can reasonably expect a very positive hearing result.

We see the Micon 7mi as a significant step forward in hearing aid technology and have no hesitation in recommending it as one of the premium products of its time.

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