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Siemens Pure 501

Siemens second tier of the Pure family of products
Siemens Pure
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Our price includes

  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
    Throughout life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 60 day full money back guarantee
    if not completely satisfied

Key Features

  • Small RIC BTE
  • Wireless enabled
  • Can have rechargeable battery
  • Multiple sound processing algorithms
  • 12 channel chip platform
  • Comaptible with Siemens accessories


The Siemens Pure 501 is an small BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid that uses the RIC (receiver in the canal) methodology. So let’s cut through the industry jargon and see what that really means. The case of the www.ce sits behind your ear and a thin wire threads down into your ear canal. On the end of the wire is the receiver, or speaker, that will transmit the amplified sound into you ear. The advantages of this system are that the delicate electronic sit outside your ear (within the case), there is space to include all the technology wizardry, there is space for a reasonable sized battery giving a longer battery life, yet because the speaker is in your ear canal the product is still relatively small and more amplification can be provided without the risk of feedback as the microphone and receiver are separated. When one is considering types of hearing aid, the RIC BTE is one of the best compromises between size, technology, comfort and performance. So good choice so far but what about the internal electronics. How good is the Pure 501?

The Pure product family is offered by Siemens at four technology levels from the 701 down through the 501, 301 and finally the 101, so the Pure 501 is the second tier of technology within the family. The second tier is often neglected when consumer of any product or service considers a range but invariably it is a great combination of close to optimal technology at a discounted price. This is the case with the Pure 501. It has almost all the functionality of the top of the range product but represents a significant cost saving.

The Pure 501 operates using a 12 channel sound processor. To provide some context 12 channels is very respectable, the Pure 701 only has 16, so 12 will allow a very good fit against a specific loss. The number of channels seems to be ever increasing but in the hands of a competent audiologist a 12 channel system should be more than adequate.

There is a huge algorithm overlap up and down the Pure scale. Some of the algorithms are more advanced in higher specification products but generally speaking each Pure is specified to provide very good hearing assistance in an escalating scale of difficult environments. For example, if you intend just to use the hearing aid at home in a quiet room to better hear the television then you will not take advantage of the more complex sound processing. If you are an outdoor type, or often socialise in noisy crowded places then you would definitely be best advised to ensure your hearing aid has the complexity to be able to enhance speech in these environments. Discuss two things with your hearing aid audiologist. Firstly the suitable of the Pure product family and secondly which one will do the best job for your needs. We think that the Pure 501 will be a very good option for use in all but the most extreme listening environments.

Finally the Pure 501 is a wireless enabled hearing aid so can link to Siemens accessories. These provide direct communication with paired Bluetooth www.ces such as mobile phones, telephones or MP3 players and a boon to the hearing impaired. Check that the household www.ces you have are compatible and see if this increasingly commonplace communication system can be useful to you.

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