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Starkey are the only American representative amongst the large hearing aid manufacturers, the industry being dominated by the Danes, Swiss and German businesses. Established by William Austin, Starkey is well known for both its hearing aid technology and its philanthropic Starkey Foundation which has raised millions of dollars for good causes.

The company’s strategic focus in the late 1990s was more geared towards small, “invisible” hearing aids rather than out and out technical advances which resulted in Starkey being late to market with digital products.  To this day the company specialise in miniature hearing solutions.

  • Starkey Ignite 20

    Starkey Ignite 20

    Entry level product range from Starkey
    £1095 Our price: £595
  • Starkey Ignite 30

    Starkey Ignite 30

    High technology tier of Starkey’s Ignite range
    £1295 Our price: £795
  • Starkey Wi Series i110

    Starkey Wi Series i110

    Top end wireless hearing aid portfolio from US manufacturer Starkey
    £2400 Our price: £1395
  • Starkey X Series 110

    Starkey X Series 110

    Premium product portfolio from US manufacturer Starkey
    £2400 Our price: £1395