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Widex Dream 440

Widex’s top of the range Dream hearing aid
Widex Dream 440 Hearing Aid
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  • Full hearing test and examination
    Registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fitting and programming
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  • Fine tuning and all aftercare
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  • 60 day full money back guarantee
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Key Features

  • 15 channel sound processing
  • Compatible with wireless DEX accessories
  • Six different product formats
  • Improved Widex TruSound algorithm
  • Incorporates new ISP chip platform
  • Top technology tier of Dream portfolio


The Dream 440 hearing aid range was launched by the Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex in February 2013. The 440 is the top level of four technologies and is supported by the less well-featured 330, 220 and 110 portfolios. All of the Dream range run of Widex’s new chip platform the ISP which provides the scope for greater and more complex algorithms, wireless connectivity with faster and more efficient sound processing. So how is all this technology harnessed to provide genuine user benefit in the top of the range Dream 440?

At its core is a 15 channel sound processor designed to mimic the natural function of the human ear. There is an endless discussion and battle over the number of sound channels that provide the optimum sound quality. Some manufacturers pursue the “more is better” philosophy and hearing aids with 20 channels are now available while others base their premium models on the closest possible match to nature. Either way the Dream 440 will have the scope and flexibility to provide very good quality amplification across the human auditory range.

It is too simplistic to just label the Dream 440 as “natural sound” so we must look at the processing algorithms that work in sync to produce this quality. Widex utilise what they term TruSound and in conjunction with other specific features this function is what is behind the Widex sound. There are complimentary algorithms such as Audibility Extender, Speech Enhancer II, Feedback Cancellation, Noise Reduction, Digital Pinna etc. but Widex has a reputation for its sound quality, so much so many users will stick to Widex in preference to other brands, and it appears that the Dream 440 will carry on the Widex legacy.

As one would now expect from any new hearing aid launch the Dream 440 is wireless compatible and links to the Widex DEX system of accessories. This and other similar offerings are starting to transform the way that hearing aid users interact with their household appliances such as phones and televisions. Particularly useful in families of mixed hearing ability we advise that you take the time to investigate accessories and how they can really add benefit to you hearing aid purchase.

The Widex Dream 440 is available in a variety of different product formats and can cater for the vast majority of hearing losses. In addition with a comprehensive array of colours and hues tone can personalise the Widex Dream 440 to be as individual as you wish.

As with its predecessor the Widex Mind there is a tinnitus feature available in the Dream which to those who suffer may provide a welcome relief in conjunction with the sound amplification that they require.

The introduction of the Dream and in particular the 440 ensures that Widex will keep pace with the larger hearing aid manufacturers. Always quirky and revered by a faithful cohort of previous users, the continuation of the Widex sound will find favour with many. This product is a viable alternative to those offered by the large corporations and certainly worthy of further investigation. Take the time to discuss the wireless compatibility with your hearing aid audiologist and ensure that you get the best out of the best Widex hearing aid.

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