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Most Discreet Hearing Aids 2013

Many people who suffer from hearing impairment are reluctant to wear hearing aids. The main reason is the size or design that makes them easily visible for others and thus making them undesirable for some. The four devices below are a popular choice for those concerned with these issues. The Siemens, Starkey, Phonak and Oticon hearing aids below have been specially selected for their cosmetic appeal as well as exceptional sound processing qualities which include performance in background noise.

imini 701Siemens iMini 701

If you are looking for an invisible, but powerful hearing aid, then the Siemens range may be the right choice for you. Their most comfortable, discreet and multifunctional hearing aid is the iMini 701. In launching the iMini 701, Siemens have demonstrated that significant hearing loss may be overcome by a tiny, but highly effective device. The clever design means that it sits deep in the ear canal, hidden from view yet still provides great levels of hearing help in some of the most challenging listening environments.

Ignite 301Starkey Ignite 30

Starkey Ignite 30 has a notable 6 channel sound processing platform which meets both the fine adjustment requirements of the audiologist and the needs of the wearer. Coupled with an advanced technology noise management, feedback reduction and directional microphones, this device is definitely worth the investment. Ignite 30 is also equipped with the most up-to-date features including Wireless and Bluetooth streamers.

Virto Q90Phonak Virto Q90

The integrated Quest sound processing chip is what makes the Virto Q90 the best hearing aid in the entire Q series of Phonak. The platform is 20 channel operated, meaning it delivers a better, natural sound. Phonak Virto Q90 is a top of the range product, which offers a range of accessories to help in many different listening circumstances including personal music and watching the Television. As for all hearing aids in this category it offers one of the most cosmetic solutions available.

Intiga 10Oticon Intiga 10

This tiny hearing aid fits easily in the ear canal when in use. It also comes with a full package of benefits. It can be paired with a suite of devices through wireless connectivity. It literally frees up your hands, so you are able to drive, tap on your tablet or smartphone. This is an invisible, In The Ear canal (ITE) hearing aid, which has an award winning design, and is fitted with 18 real-time functioning sound processing algorithms. These carefully chosen state-of-the-art algorithms are able to completely eliminate background noise and focus on important sounds such as speech. The Oticon Intiga 10 is suitable for both challenging and normal listening surroundings. Based, on the new RISE2 platform, which processes sounds without delay or fluctuation this model has rapidly become one of the most popular choices in this category.