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Siemens Ace Hearing Aid Review

Siemens Ace Hearing AidSiemens Ace comes in a wide selection of Behind-The-Ear (BTE) product formats. There are many options available, but the most distinguishing characteristic of the Ace is the fact that it is the most discreet hearing aid in the product range.

The Siemens Ace is a Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) format. The speaker is placed in the ear canal. This allows for the BTE cover to be substantially decreased in terms of size. Another benefit is the speaker separated from the microphone. This ensures that more amplification is delivered before any feedback occurs. Although, RIC hearing aids are common for the industry, the Ace is positioned over others, thanks to its tiny receiver, discreet shape and appearance.

On the inside, the Ace technology is limited only by means of its specifics. However, its capabilities are extended to the use of the most advanced sound processing platform called Micron. Besides the limitations defined by its very small size, the Ace is an extremely competitive hearing aid.

The purpose of any hearing aid is to create balance between the benefits that its technology offers and the ability of hearing impaired people to enjoy listening and participating in conversation in a discreet fashion. The Ace is discreet and well equipped to provide such a balance. Thereby, it provides the wearer with the peace of mind that they can use it wherever necessary without having to worry about others noticing its presence.


As an alternative to the Ace, Hearing Aids Direct suggests Resound Verso 9 because of its discreet size and affordable price. It comes in a range of seven different product formats including BTE and Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC).

Inside, the Verso 9 is a 17 channel sound processor. Not only is it fast, it is also energy efficient. The number of channels is sufficient to provide the closest match to the particular frequency shape that your type of hearing loss requires. The algorithms powered by this processor are many and may seem confusing. Binaural Directionality, Binaural Environmental Optimizer II and Binaural Fusion do not sound familiar to the majority of users. However, all algorithms work simultaneously to deliver a natural and comfortable sound.

Additionally, a large palette of colours is available for you to choose from. The Verso 9 is nano-coated, which ensures a good protection against dirt and moisture. There is an option for a remote microphone that can be located near the person you want to hear. This is particularly useful in places with a lot of people, such as restaurants. This is a great benefit that Resound offers to its customers; it helps solve the problem with hearing speech in the presence of noise. Nevertheless, prior to purchasing, schedule an appointment with your hearing specialist to discuss these options.