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Starkey Ignite 30 Hearing Aid Review

Starkey Ignite 30Starkey is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers and its impressive and high quality products are recognised to be a preferred choice by many who experience hearing difficulty. One of the most popular hearing devices offered by Starkey is its Ignite series. They fall into a very affordable price range whilst at the same time providing all the necessary requirements for a quality hearing aid. Their main focus is for those who need help in quieter and normal listening environments or inexperienced hearing aid users.

The key benefits of the Starkey Ignite that make it a fundamentally efficient and recommended hearing aid for its class are its sound processing algorithms. They provide three main advantages:

  • Feedback cancellation capabilities that significantly reduce whistling and buzzing sounds
  • Automatic noise management for provision of clearer speech
  • Directional settings that allow focus on speech while talking and at the same time reducing background noise

Additionally Starkey Ignite 30 features tone and voice indicators, 6 channels, 6 bands and 4 memories. While these numbers are not in the top range for the most advanced hearing aids on the market, they make the hearing aid flexible enough to accommodate to specific hearing loss cases. Some of the models also have wireless connectivity, thus allowing them to communicate with various electronic devices such as MP3 Players, computers, TV, radio or mobile phones. You can even decide to enhance this function by purchasing a wireless accessory (Surflink Streamer, Surflink Remote Control or Surflink Mobile). Furthermore, some of models are equipped with a more advanced technology such as ear-to-ear wireless communication, Spectral iQ, InVision Directionality, Hydrashield 2 (protecting from water, wax or sweat), Self Learning, AudioScape.

The Starkey Ignite 30 series is available in a wide range of styles and colours to match personal preferences and taste. The hearing aid models include behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), receiver in canal (RIC), completely in canal (CIC), in the canal (ITC) and even the extremely discreet invisible in the canal (IIC) that comes under the name Ignite Xino.

If you purchase the Starkey Ignite 30 hearing aid via hearingaidsdirect.co.uk, you can save almost 40% off the retail price on a proven value for money hearing device. Besides the hearing aid, the  price of £795 also includes a full hearing test and exam by a registered hearing aid dispenser; warranty; complete fitting, programming and fine tuning (for the lifetime of the hearing device) as well as a 60 day full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. The price also includes VAT.

In the same price range and with similar qualities you can find the Oticon Acto discounted to £895. It has 6 channel technology and wireless availability. Its RISE2 chip platform allows for the processing of complex sound algorithms and adjusting to a specific hearing loss.