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Starkey X Series 110 Hearing Aid Review

Starkey X Series 110 Hearing AidStarkey X Series 110 occupies the first tier in hearing aid technology. The X series was designed to replace the S series; continuing Starkey’s reputation for providing modern but high quality hearing aids. Naturally, this second generation product has more benefits than its predecessor.

The X series 110 uses the newest sound processing platform developed by Starkey. It operates on 16 channels. Their number determines the ability of the hearing aid to deliver a natural and comfortable sound. The 16 channels provide the flexibility needed to accommodate the specific frequency loss shapes. With the X series your audiologist can produce a close match to your type of hearing loss.

A range of features and algorithms are powered by the Starkey’s sound processing platform. They include a noise reduction system called Voice iQ2. It reduces noise up to 20dB. This algorithm has an option with five levels. It allows you to personalise the hearing aid according to your requirements. An environmental algorithm sets the aid so that the speech intelligibility is maximized while sound around you changes. A feedback cancellation algorithm is also included. It is called Feedback Eliminator.

The X series 110 is wirelessly enabled and can be linked to various Starkey’s accessories. Bluetooth compatible add-ons also provide a great benefit to the user. You can connect your hearing aid to everyday devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, TVs, telephones, etc. However, before your purchase, discuss these opportunities with your audiologist.

Starkey X series 110 is available in a broad selection of product styles. They incorporate the tiny Behind-The-Ear (BTE) format. Previously, Starkey has been strong on providing In-The-Ear (ITE) formats. Since they have extended their range, the X series is their best hearing aid to date.

As a successor to the S series, the X series has more to offer to hearing aid users. If you were happy with the S series, then you will certainly enjoy the Starkey X series. Take advantage of this top-notch system by trying it out from Hearing Aids Direct.


Widex Dream 330 comes in a wide range of product styles. They are offered in a variety of four different levels of technology. All of them are operated by the True ISP sound processor.

The Dream 330 is available in both BTE and ITE formats. The BTE format comes in four sizes and uses a micro-tubing, Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC), as well as Receiver-The-Ear (RITE) technology to produce sound. With so many options, this hearing aid can suit almost all types of hearing loss. Inside, it is a 10 channel sound processor. Some of the main algorithms focus, clarify and amplify the required sound while at the same time reduce undesirable noise.

The Dream 330 is wirelessly compatible. It can be connected through Bluetooth to various Widex DEX accessories. Additionally, it can be paired with household devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and TVs. Review more of the benefits of Widex Dream 330 at Hearing Aids Direct.